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Fella Blooms

About Fella Blooms

NFT project with sharing royalty system based on Near Protocol(From Community To Community). Fella Blooms came up with several ideas to solve or reduce the problems that exist in the current market conditions like the fear of buying an NFT.

  • How Fella Blooms could help?

    Because if it's Free Mint so what kinda thing that user should worry about it Fella?

  • What about those who bought when Floor Price went up?

    Fella Blooms created an airdrop system Called "Garden" which will automatically distribute the $NEAR every week from the results of 10% project royalty, and this is very worth it just buy Fella Blooms, and you will get a prolonged royalty if you plant it on the Garden.

Should I Mint it?

Hell Ya! Here's why

Free 2 Mint
FREE 2 Mint

It's FREE to mint ma fella! Just prepare the gas fee

No Roadmap
No Roadmap

U and Fren will decide Our fate

From Community to Community
From Community to Community

How could You resist getting royalty from the project.

We will take care of 100 Blooms so they will never vanish.

Fella Blooms FAQ